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Healthify mind in the corona world

All birds find shelter during rain but eagle avoids rain by flying above the clouds. Problems are common but attitude makes the difference---by Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam reminds us how important is our attitude. During this corona period, we have witnessed great variation not only in the strands of Covid but mind-sets.

People have witnessed great tribulation, the exodus of migrant workers, many children have been buried in the mother's womb, chaos and havoc in and around the world, blame-game, isolation, quarantine, and lockdown.

We have witnessed great minds, selfless love, and also mere carelessness and selfishness. many chose to render help to neighbors, animals, destitute. one could see how dependent we are on each other for survival.

Some have been left out away from family and many had none other than family to interact on a daily basis. In both the scenarios we have known the importance of family, which is the building block of society.

How spending time nurtures many relationships we have learned from lockdown, fathers got more friendly with kids, kids with grandparents, and vice versa. Homemakers have been greatly appreciated for their patience and perseverance. Not really lockdown but bonding with people who are just a few steps away in the same home.

Working from home for women has yet again proved how they are good at multi-tasking but also have seen a rise in domestic violence.

Many have grabbed this unusual opportunity to develop new skills and many lost their livelihood. Front line workers, doctors, and defense have rendered a selfless service, and also some were stoned for rendering a helping hand.

Social responsibility and civic sense came into play, many were charged for breaking the rules and vehicles being seized.

Social distancing almost disappeared in some markets on Sundays and at wine shops, which shows clearly what's our priority. Governments have increased the prices of some commodities, everybody having their own reasons to justify their actions.

We have seen technology being used like never before right from tracing a home quarantine person to drones being used for delivery of goods as well. Many got stuck with the daily updates, feeding on the fear of death and politicians busy criticizing each other's actions.

For some, the lockdown has trapped them to loneliness and seen celebrities ending their life, despite the fame and money. Tells clearly being at peace with yourself is the most important virtue one can have.

Though temples, churches, and mosques were closed, many got closer to GOD, proving we don’t need a building to offer prayers to the highest almighty.

Nature had enough time to cope with the pollutants which have been released for decades. People learned to limit wastage and experience the joy of sharing.

During this corona period, we have seen a lot of changes in our lifestyle and thinking patterns. Were forced to change drastically. Sound mind, ability to cope up with the changing new normal has helped us to not only have a healthy body but a healthy mind to respect and appreciate life irrespective of the diverse petrified conditions around us. let's healthify our minds making the world, a better place to live and share.

- Dr. Suma Jogi

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