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Awareness Event on Stop Human Trafficking!

Sajeeva Vahini is a non-profit organization that works to raise awareness and supporting building communities. In collaboration with a human trafficking prevention and education organization, Sajeeva Vahini is working to create a comprehensive awareness campaign to educate people about the dangers of human trafficking and to provide resources to those who have been affected. The campaign includes public service announcements seminars and workshops to educate people about the signs of human trafficking and how to protect themselves and their loved ones. The organization also works with local and national organizations to provide support to victims of trafficking and to provide resources to help them rebuild their lives.

Women Empowerment
Career Guidance Programs

Amrabad - Machavaram. Collaboration with Leela Charitable Trust

Adult Literacy Program

Empowering Women & Men

Collaboration with Seva Bharat
September 2022
Project #AL-22-12290-S1-TS-724-SB-10
Amrabad, Telangana

ఒక్క క్షణం ఆలోచిస్తే?

Was Live on 10 Sep 2022, Saturday at 7:00 pm

Live from Sajeeva Vahini, India

Post Covid Rehabilitation

Talk with a Doctor

Dr. P. Stephen Abraham
Fellow in Ortho rehab.
Assistant Professor MIPMR, Sozo Physiotherapy Clinic
Contact 9908820047, 9966285453

Host by Mr. K.C. Francis Paul, Sajeeva Vahini, Chennai

Covid Vaccination & Delta Variant

Talk with a Doctor

Dr. Vinod Kumar
MD, Dch
Fellowship in Pediatric Infections
Consultant Pediatrician
Herbertpur Christian Hospital
Dehradun, Uttarakhand

Host by Mr. K.C. Francis Paul, Sajeeva Vahini, Chennai

Past Events

Social Connect

Empowering Girl Child

Event at A.P. Model School, AS Peta,
Nellore Dist on 8th march 2021.
Guest of Honor:
Dr. Ch. Usha Kiran
(Asst. Commissioner, Customs & GST, Nellore)
and A.P. Model School, AS Peta School Staff.

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